Friday, 29 July 2011

Coitus Magazine

I don't know anything about this mag other than the covers feature hot boys. Check out their website. Thanks to Steven Hall for the tip off!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Menergy Pride pics

Photos by Michael James, another great job (as usual):

Thanks to everyone who came down, including guests Fraser Bone and Joyce D'Vision, for making this an absolute belter!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Fresh from the depths of the surreal...

Majela Zeze Diamond aka Queen of Vagina has been somewhat of a Youtube sensation over the recent while. A Nigerian woman, or maybe tranny - who knows? - singing tuneless songs about sex with lots of crap dancing in her living room. Brilliant viewing!

Check her channel out on Youtube here.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

MENERGY ANTHEM Lisa "Rocket To Your Heart"

Big up to Kid Zipper for dropping this on Saturday and tearing the roof off! This is one of my ALL TIME fave Hi-NRG records - big thanks too to everyone who came down and made Menergy Pride one fo the best parties we've ever had!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

CARRION - Final Week

You have exactly one week to get along to Axolotl Gallery to see the Gregor Laird & Sarah Green's impressive show CARRION. Tues - Thur, 11-4 and Fri & Sat, 11-6.

Gregor's illustrations of birds, zombie Michael Jacksons & deformed foetuses are wonderful, as are Sarah's paintings which evoke the style of (the now sadly late) Lucien Freud.

Don't miss it!

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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Get BENT - SSION's new album - FREE for a month!

Crosspost from Dangerous Minds.
Meet Ssion, the gender bending electro-punk dance band from Kansas City, led by front person Cody Critcheloe. Is Cody a man or a woman? I'm not completely sure, but it's not important - s/he can be whatever you want hir to be. And as with other current queer artists like JD Samson, Cody likes to play with people's traditional perceptions of style and beauty - witness the trademark combo monobrow and mustache, a pretty risqué fashion move in these anti-hair-biased times

Ssion (pronounced "shun") are a full on audio/visual/performance-troupe well known for their live shows and support slots for the likes of Gossip and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Critcheloe has been making a respectable career as a video director on the side, working with Peaches, Liars and Scream Club. Ssion formed in Kansas in 1996 and released their first material in 2003. The band released their last album Fools Gold in 2007 and with it the full length feature film Boy which compiled all their music videos and has been described as a "gay, punk rock equivalent of Forest Gump." Ssion have taken the step of releasing their new album Bent as a free download for a limited time, and it's definitely worth downloading. As with Tyler the Creator's first album Bastard, it's surprising to hear music released for free that is of this high quality.

Make no mistake though - Bent is pop music. It's party music, it's designed for dancing - for those moments at a friend's house when the sun is coming up, you've had a ball, but you've got that melancholic feeling that to quit now as it's can't get any better. There are shades of very early Madonna here, coupled with the classic mid-80s synth driven sound of the Pet Shop Boys and Eurodisco, all refracted through early 90s NY dance pop like Deee-Lite. Bent is basically the album the Scissor Sisters should have made by now, classy dance music stripped of the chintz (and Elton bloody John references) and honed to a sharp electro-pop point. It's pretty damn good. So my advice to you dear readers is to let a little bit of Ssion into your life - get Bent.

Ssion - "Clown"

Ssion - "Psy-Chic"

Ssion - "Luvvbazaar"

Ssion - "Credit In The Straight World" Excellent cover of Hole Young Marble Giants.

Monday, 18 July 2011

MENERGY ANTHEM Cherie Lily "Werk"

Meet Cherie Lily, the fantabulous faux-queen-meets-dance-instructor wife of modern rock icon Andrew WK. Oh yes, we love this gurl here at Menergy! Her latest single "WERK" is quickly becoming anthem and it's not hard to hear why - it's a modern call to arms for dancers and drag queens to VOGUE THE FUCK OUT!

"Icon" "Give Me Face" "It's Ovah" "Tens Across The Board" OH YES.

Cherie has put together a video featuring lots of voguing routines and some future legend and nightworld faces from New York City. Check it out and GET YR WERK ON QUEENS:

We've got an exclusive interview with Ms Lily in the pipeline, but for more info check out her website, and you can buy "Werk" and its remixes here.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

BOBBY O Returns!

That's right, the producer of some of our most favouritest Hi-NRG tracks ("I'm So Hot For You", The Flirts "Passion", the original "West End Girls", all the best bits of Divine music career) is back in the music production game. Bobby O's second only to Patrick Cowley in terms of legendary electronic disco producers of the 80s, and over the last few months has been uploading new material to YouTube from his 2011 album "Social Contract Theory". The basic principles of his prouction remain, only the sounds are bang up to date and the beats are harder. Here's a selection of tracks (which can be bought individually, or on the album, through CDBaby) - what do we think?

WARNING! This video contains lots of flashing colours and lights - like LOTS:

That's just a sampler - here's some more individual tracks. To hear even more, visit the YouTube channel of MassiveDance2010.

"When The Right One Comes Along"

"Temporary Lives"

"Identity Energy"

Saturday, 16 July 2011


One of our absolute FAVOURITE blogs here at the Haus of M is GRINDRMAN, which is ran by a friend of ours. You know how those awkward, awful private messages that you receive on gay cruising app Grindr? Well it's not just you! On this blog Grindrman shares his daily messages for our delectation and amusement.

Obviously given the nature of the content, it's NSFW, but it is WELL worth checking out and subscribing to!

Friday, 15 July 2011

CARRION - Controversial & Cultural Highlight of the Week!

Our resident graphic designer Gregor Laird's new joint exhibition with friend Sarah Green, CARRION, certainly is proving to be very newsworthy since it opened last week! One old dear walked out, offended by the imagery of his work, which features crucified chimps, zombie Michael Jacksons and other such deliciousness!

v5Cet8 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

However, her timid viewpoint doesn't reflect that of the popular press, as Scotland on Sunday named the exhibition - on at the Axolotl Gallery, Dundas Street, Edinburgh until 1st Aug - as one of the cultural highlights of the week! Click here to see. We here at the Haus of M strongly urge you all to make the effort to go see it before it finishes, as we're sure it'll leave an impression on you, one way or another.

Thursday, 14 July 2011


It goes without saying that Jon Pleasd Wimmin is one of our favourite DJs, after rocking the floors at both last year's HyperPride and our Fierce Ruling Divas Ball. But many people might not know that apart form being a great DJ Jon is also a very talented artist. We tracked him down to ask some questions about his work:

When did you start making these pictures?

I started them for fun about 18 months ago and had such a great response from posting them on Facebook that it kind of evolved very naturally, people seem to love them.

I've made collages since I was about 15 and have always had them around my home. I collect images/memorabilia from my life and then create them when I have enough material, I like to think of them as living scrapbooks/photo albums. It's much better than having a closed box or book hidden away. Life is an adventure and it's good to remind yourself of these adventures.

How do you select people for your portraits?

I choose people who I admire and who are (to me at least) iconic.

Who have been the major influences on your style?

Well, when I left school in 1985 I studied Fashion design in London for 3 years and that helped shape my love of 'styling' and obviously there's a debt to Warhol but I would say that 'Pop Cutlure' in general. There is definitely a theme of transformation to them, which has always played a huge part in my life. Whether it be through doing drag or remixing a piece of music. I have always been obsessed (in a healthy way) with's a shame that very few people these days seem to have much of one.

Are they for sale?

Yes, you can order them from the website and I do commissions too. Greetings cards are going to be up on the site within the next few weeks also.

Who is your favourite artist?

I like lots of different artists...Cindy Sherman, Val Denham, Richard Wathen, Jeff Koons, Gilbert & George, Guggi and Warhol of course, to name a few.

Which is your favourite portrait you have done so far?

I think it's a tie between Liberace & Twiggy at the moment.

Tell us a bit about Dare - what can the causal punter expect to hear there?

Well, I try to make sure that the music involves interesting new electronic dance tracks and that it sits alongside tracks from the past that have inspired them. So many of today's clubs and 'dj's' just play a long list of upfront faceless tracks that I like to try and show the lineage of where the music that I personally love has come from, where it's at and where it's going next. The main key is to keep it interesting whilst keeping it accessible and fun. Not too up it's own arse.Also, the Speakeasy where we hold the night is a great, intimate space with an area for relaxing and socialising and a dancefloor for dancing. We wanted to make sure it was a sociable night where like-minded people could meet.

Have you been DJing anywhere else recently?

Yes, we do Dare! quarterly in London at East Bloc (Next date July 16th).
I've got gigs at Yello in Belfast, Windsor, Portsmouth and more in London coming up soon.

How is clubbing in Edinburgh at the moment?

I wouldn't really know to be honest.
I decided to run Dare! as there was a distinct lack of 'mixed' nights in the city and wanted somehwere for my friends and I to be able to go, hear the type of music we love and have fun.
I wouldn't say we were competing against anyone as there really is nobody else doing the same sort of thing.

What are your top 5 Hi-NRG records of all time?

1. Hypnotic Tango - My Mine
2. Koto -Visitors
3. The Flirts - Passion
4. Sisley Ferre - Give Me Your Love
5. Joanne Daniels - After the Rainbow.

You can also find PopArtTart and Dare on Facebook.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Audio Interview with Leigh Bowery

Interesting 72 min excerpt from an audio interview with the late, great performance artist & fashion designer Leigh Bowery, recorded in 1989.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Phaeax "Talk About"

I love this clip - the band and the singer look awesome. Apparently they were a one hit wonder act, and this clip is from the legendary Italian music show Popcorn in 1983 (well, it's legendary if you like trawling YouTube for obscure disco clips like me). It's damn catchy too!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

New Menergy Flyer

And it's fucking AMAZING! Gregor has really outdone himself this time! Some people have already commented that this is one of the best flyers they have ever seen:

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Electrosexual "Break You Nice (Divider Italo Remix)" FREE DOWNLOAD

Check it out - Electrosexual is the producer of ace lesbian rappers Scream Club (who also feature on this track) and he's giving away for free this exclusive Italo remix of "Break You Nice" by the German producer Divider. Grab it while it's hot!

ELECTROSEXUAL - BREAK YOU NICE (W/ Scream Club & Zoe Boekbinder) - DIVIDER Italo Remix (unreleased) by ELECTROSEXUAL

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Casionova - Italo Forever Mix

New mix number 2 - this time from Magic Waves' Casionova. As you might expect it's a blend of Italo, old and new. You can download this mix, but hurry as it's nearly at its limit!

CASIONOVA - Italo Forever Mix by casionova

01. B.B. BONSAI - Prince Of The Night
02. STEVE EDEN & PAUL JAMES - Memories Emotions
04. CASIONOVA - Shoreham Harbour Blues (Ali Renault Remix)
05. XENON - Symphony
06. TOPO & ROBY - Under The Ice (Instrumental)
07. BAMBERS - Baby-Funk (Instrumental)
08. TOMMY KELVIN - Jungle Bow Wow
09. CAT GANG - Locomotive Breath (Special Cat Version)
10. LEE MARROW - Mr Fantasy
11. BRIAN AUGER - Night Train To Nowhere (Instrumental)
12. STEEL MIND - Bad Passion
13. B.W.H. - Stop
14. D.J. LOOK - Capita
15. MONO BAND - Ghost Town (Ghost Version)
15. ANGELA - I Gotta Little Love
16. CLOCK ON 5 - Furyo 3rd
17. MENTION - Strange World (Instrumental)

Friday, 1 July 2011

Wes Baggley - Deep Shit Mix

Couple of new mixes to share with folks - the first is from one of our Manchester friends (now living in London) and resident at the now defunct night Terrorist (site of the Niallist's first gig in Manchester) Wes Baggley. You may know Wes if you are a user of the hook-ups site Recon. Well, you might not know his face but you'll have seen him... ;-)

wes baggaley - deep shit june 2011 by Wes_Baggaley

1. Moodymann - Dirty Ol' Vinyl
2. Toby Tobias - Love Papers
3. The Tortoise - Lovin You
4. Pop & Eye - Spinach Spaceship
5. Pional - Where Eagles Dare
6. Art Dept feat Soul Clap and Osunlade - We Call Love (DJ Harvey Mix)
7. Benoit & Sergio - Principles
8. Rob Mello - Where Are You?
9. Deep Space Orchestra - Lo Pan
10. Todd Terje - Ragysh
11. System Status - Montparnasse
12. Locussolus - I Want It (Lindstrom and Prins Thomas Mix)
13. Dajae - U Got Me Up
14. Freaks - Conscious of my Conscience (Henrik Schwarz Mix)