Monday, 19 July 2010

Hyperpride = MAJE!!

Wow, what a blast! Thanks to everyone who came down to Hyperpride at the Flying Duck on Saturday night, it really was an awesome night! I actually felt some, you know, real pride. Big shouts to the Lock Up Your Daughters massive, who were great craic as usual, and also big shouts to our main man Jon Pleased Wimmin, who played an absolute blinder! We will definitely be getting him bac at some point - in fact we might even be able to tease a retro/Hi-NRG mix out him (if we play our cards right).

Jon is currently hosting his monthly club night Dare at the Speakeasy/Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh, on the last Saturday of every month. Lady Munter was there last month and she had a ball! If you'd like to check out more of his fantastic music, then here's a Dare mix for you to hear, via his Soundcloud.

Dare! 'Goodbye Winter' Electro-Disco Mix April 2010 by Jon Pleased

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