Tuesday, 16 November 2010

FIERCE RULING DIVAS BALL - Photos by Michael James

TRANARCHY in the UK - Part 6

And saving the best til last, here are some of the photos of Saturday's ball by our resident snapper Michael James, aka Alephnaught. More pics available on the Facebook album.

Lady Munter in full effect:

Christina from the House of LVB:

One of the judges, Miss Avon Starr:

Kitty Littah form the House of Chernobyl:

Lady Munter & Lydia Chlamydia:

Drag Virgin Yolwanda-Phil McKraken

The inimitable Peaches!

Gazelle form the House of Menergy:

Sauvage from the House of Menergy:

Lady Munter & The Niallist take a stroll:

Special guest judge & Lady Munter's drag mother, the legendary Jon of the Pleased Wimmin:

Overall winner Nigela Von Scrumptious:

And in second place it's Lady P:

Judges Avon Starr, Camille Lorigo and Rosetta Stone:

The Niallist MCing:

Vanity Von Glow performing live:

Miss Liza, House Mother of the House of Delmonicas:

Dame Burly Chassis from the House of Delmonicas:

Bella Houston from the House of Delmonicas:

Crystal from the House of Delmonicas:

Martina & Wildcard Kitty:

Lady Munter werqing it!

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