Glasgow's Drag Queen Supreme

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Saturday 26th November @Stereo, Glasgow

MENERGY is a queer collective that runs a monthly Gay Dance Party in Glasgow. Hosted by Lady Guillotina Munter with resident DJ Kid Zipper, and play a poppers o'clock mix of Hi-NRG, disco, Italo, house and techno, and are regularly joined by guests & visiting resident DJs and performers.
One of THE fiercest drag queens ever to come out of Glasgow, Lady M is also the brains behind past events like Fierce Ruling Divas Ball and Valley Of The Dolls. In 2010, Attitude magazine ranked her as one of the 66 most influential gay people in the UK, alongside the likes of Mary Portas and Nichola Formichetti (stylist to Lady Gaga)! for bringing drag out of the shadow of the end of the pier and into the stunning limelight of the worlds of art & fashion! Pre-Munter, Glasgow was a city more known for drugs and violence than it's drag scene, but now her unique brand of drag compliments the city's personality perfectly.