Thursday, 22 July 2010

We Heart Hard Ton (Disco Queen)

Look everyone, it's Grace Jones! Err...

Ladies and Gentlemen, let us introduce to you Hard Ton Disco Queen!

Effortlessly blurring the lines between bear culture and drag, Hard Ton makes kick ass music and has been released on quality labels like Gigolo, Permanent Vacation and Dissident. She can really wail! The track "Losers" is already becoming a Menergy anthem, check out the video:

HARD TON - "LOSERS" from Alex Zanini on Vimeo.

He's another one we'd book in a flash, if only we had the money! Who knows, it might happen someday? In the meantime, here's another Hard Ton live clip, and here is the link to his myspace:

HyperPride pictures!

Well, the pictures from HyperPride are FINALLY in, and they're looking as maje as the night itself was! Thanks to Michael James for the shots, as per usual. You can see all the rest of them if you are on Facebook.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Vauxhall is Gurning 2010

Horse Meat Disco's annual festival of shade and fierceness (aka the Vogue Ball) took place in London the weekend before last, and it was maje too. Menergy was in the house, there was a live PA by our favourite Hard Ton, and Glasgow even walked with Miss Chris from the House of La Vrai Beauté getting her banana out on the catwalk. Here's a video of the night, and stay tuned for news of a Vogue Ball in Glasgow pretty soon...

VAUXHALL IS GURNING 2010 by Chrissy Darling from Chrissy Darling on Vimeo.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Hyperpride = MAJE!!

Wow, what a blast! Thanks to everyone who came down to Hyperpride at the Flying Duck on Saturday night, it really was an awesome night! I actually felt some, you know, real pride. Big shouts to the Lock Up Your Daughters massive, who were great craic as usual, and also big shouts to our main man Jon Pleased Wimmin, who played an absolute blinder! We will definitely be getting him bac at some point - in fact we might even be able to tease a retro/Hi-NRG mix out him (if we play our cards right).

Jon is currently hosting his monthly club night Dare at the Speakeasy/Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh, on the last Saturday of every month. Lady Munter was there last month and she had a ball! If you'd like to check out more of his fantastic music, then here's a Dare mix for you to hear, via his Soundcloud.

Dare! 'Goodbye Winter' Electro-Disco Mix April 2010 by Jon Pleased

Menergy Anthem: "I Love My Radio (US Mix)" by Taffy

As featured on the Niallist's Super Macho Mix and as dropped by Jon Pleased Wimmin at Hyperpride, this has now attained certified anthem status!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

"Alejandro" Bicep Remix

Those lovely chaps at the Glasgow-based disco blog Feel My Bicep have just done an Italo remix of Lady Gaga's current single "Alejandro", and very kindly they allowed Menergy to offer it to you as a free download! Yowsah!! You can download the track from this address:
and if you like your disco be sure and check out their website:

Thanks boys!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Less Than 12 Hours to HYPERPRIDE!

Be there, or be Cher!


I mentioned Skatebaard below, for his fantastic remix of Annie, but having checked out his recent vidz, I reckon he deserves a post of his own! Another Norwegian disco wonder, we used to be label mates a few years ago on Radius Records, and I am glad to see he is still going strong despite the label folding.

I picked up Baard's first ever release when I was in Norway in 2002 (Skateboarding was a crime in 1989) and since then his sound has progressed from electro-pop (esque) to being much more disco. Check out the clip of his live show below, and tell me that it's not awesome! ;-) Man, if we had more money we'd book him in a heartbeat. In the meantime though you can check out the myspace of Digitalo, Skatebaard's record label, for more disco thrills.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Menergy Anthem: "Two Of Hearts (Skatebaard Remix)" by Annie

More classy Norse disco, this time a cover of the 80s pop classic by top Viking songstrel Annie, remixed to perfection by Italo obsessed oddbod Skatebaard. Love it!

Buju Banton Comes Out The Closet

Hah this video has made our week! The notoriously violent homophobe Buju Banton (writer of the song Boom Bye Bye which advocates shooting, burning, and throwing acid on gays) has had the tables turned on him by the UK video-mash-up group Eclectic Method.

The comments thread for this vid on Youtube is very entertaining - check it out!

Friday, 9 July 2010


A week today at the Flying Duck...

Listen to the Final R-P-Z

We posted about the final R-P-Z night at the Art School the other week - well you can now listen to it via the lovely people at Glasgow Uni's Subcity Radio. Is that Gaga we hear at the very beginning?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

R.I.P. Harvey Fuqua

The legendary disco/soul/R&B producer/performer Harvey Fuqua has died. He was a member of the Moonglows, who scored some hits in the 1950s, and he had worked closely with Motown artists (Marvin Gaye in particular) - but what really merits a mention here is the fact that it was he who helped propel Sylvester to international fame. He produced some of his biggest hits, like "Mighty Real" and "Dance (Disco Heat)", and also had a large hand in the work of Sylvester's backing singers Two Tons O' Fun (Martha Wash and Izadora Armstead, who changed their name to The Weather Girls and scored a hit with "It's Raining Men"). Some of his production work from the late 70s and early 80s is great, and both "Dance (Disco Heat)" and "Do You Wanna Boogie Hunh?" by Two Tons O' Fun are on the Discopia mix I posted a few entries ago. Here's some more of the great man's work:

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Menergy Anthem: "Momma's Place" by Róisín Murphy

We love Róisín! She's sexy, stylish and mad as a brush - not to mention being Irish. There doesn't seem to be a video for her latest single Momma's Place yet, so here's a Youtube clip of the track. It's trés very, sounding like an hommage to "Domino Dancing"-era Pet Shop Boys. How Menergy!

As it that song wasn't fab enough, Róisín has just launched a new sunglasses design (below) in conjunction with the designer Linda Farrow. According to Róisín's fanblog, "the sunglasses are based on a classic half moon cat eye and are made of titanium and coated in 24 carat gold." FIERCE!!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Anti-gay propaganda fails


This one is crying out for a gay-house remix:

And as Rob said on Dangerous Minds (where I saw this):
"God can cure homosexuality but He can’t cure being FABULOUS!!!!"

Friday, 2 July 2010

Jiz & The Mammograms

Jiz and The Mammograms are by far our favourite girl/drag queen sex-worker group here at der Haus von Menergy. Their lovely manager Sienna d'Enema keeps the world up to date with their exploits through the medium of Youtube. If I were you, I'd subscribe, or SHE'LL KILL YOU. Comme ça:


Discopia Fundraiser Tomorrow Night! + new disco mix

Xpost from Shallow Rave

Another bit of shameless self-promotion. Tomorrow night sees the Discopia Fundraiser party at the Admiral on Waterloo St (Glasgow) with guest DJs Billy Woods (Supermax), Andrew Pirie (Melting Pot), Teamy (Wrong Island, Fun Size), David Barbarossa (Curious Curious, Fun Size), and myself and Ally McLeod (Discopia).

Discopia was a disco/house music website we started in 2005 (after already being a print fanzine) and featured folks like Greg Wilson, Daniel Wang, David Mancuso, Nicky Siano, JD Twitch, Alden Tyrell, I-F, Legowelt, Metro Area, Maurice Fulton, Prins Thomas, Cosmo, Daniele Baldelli, Beppe Loda and loads more. We're currently trying to raise funds to bring the website back better than ever, and to start a record label to promote some of the talented local house producers we know. It will be fun - oh yes it will be fun!

More info on Lo-quality and on Facebook.

I've put together a special disco mix to mark the occasion too, 69 minutes of late 70's soulful, uptempo, original disco. You can download it from this link:
The tracklist is:

* TWO TONS OF FUN Do You Wanna Boogie, Hunh?
* CELI BEE Fly Me On The Wings Of Love
* FARRARI Love Attack (12" Mix)
* SYLVESTER Dance (Disco Heat)
* P'ZAZZ I Heard It Through The Grapevine
* INNER LIFE You Got Me Dancing
* NIGHTLIFE UNLIMITED Dance, Freak and Boogie (Remix)
* UNIVERSAL ROBOT BAND Dance & Shake Your Tambourine
* EROTIC DRUM BAND Action '78 (Edited Version)
* GOODY GOODY #1 Dee Jay