Thursday, 24 June 2010

Last ever R-P-Z TONITE!!!

If you're in the Glasgow area this evening, then get yourselves up the Arty!!

That's the Art School, m'dears. For tonight is the last ever party there by RECORD PLAYERZ.

R-P-Z was started at the Art School in 2002 by our good friend DJ Hushpuppy and the similarly kinky minded DJ Hifi Sean. Since then it has played host to countless great DJs and acts (Midnight Juggernauts, Avenue D, Findo Gask, Miami Horror, Van She) and hosted the Glasgow debut of some band called the Scissor Sisters, It's gone on to be the city's second biggest weekly club night (after you know who). God it really does feel like the end of a certain era, eh? Era of what I don't really know, but change is definitely in the air.

One of our favourite old R-P-Z posters

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