MENERGY was started in October 2009 as the brainchild of it's founders, LADY MUNTER & KID ZIPPER. We brought our friend Gerard aka DJ BLACK LEATHER on board as a resident, and initially when it started it was a mid-week club, held monthly, on a Wednesday at the Flying Duck in Glasgow. Whilst it was popular as a mid-week club, it came quite apparent early on that what we wanted to do really would be more suited to the weekend and that our real identity lay in a Saturday night party, as Glasgow really is a weekend party town.

Gerard moved to France around this time, we brought THE NIALLIST on board as his replacement and our new resident.
In Spring 2010 we made the decision to move to a Saturday, and this started at Bacchus in the Merchant City. In Summer 2010 we collaborated with our sapphic sisters LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS and threw a massive anti-pride party HYPERPRIDE, which was a huge success and a big alt-queer two fingers up to the bland and boring generica of the lacklustre mainstream pride here in Glasgow. This party was particularly important because it brought in performance element into the club, which is now so integral to our identity.

In November 2010 we decided to mark our first birthday by throwing our biggest party to date - the FIERCE RULING DIVAS BALL. We did this in collaboration with Che Camille in the East End of the city, in the famous Barras Market, in an enclosed courtyard which had a fabulous pink illuminated glass canopy for a roof. We had a full runway and the party was in the style of vogue balls of the late 80s & early 90s in New York, and we sought to bring a bit of the ballroom scene here to Glasgow. The party was attended by our loyal regulars as well as numerous fashionistas, fashion bloggers, drag queens and club kids. It was at this party that we brought Vanity von Glow on board, who's been performing and emceeing for us throughout 2011.

February 2011 saw us take up a four month residency at the famous Art School Vic Bar, shortly before the building was closed for demolition and renovation in June 2011. We threw one of the closing parties in the venue and we are extremely proud that we were a resident club at it's closing, able to give the old girl a dragnificent send-off with Italo gods DEN HAAN!

Following the Art School's closure, we did a one-off night at The Admiral, followed by a season at Stereo.

In October 2011, as part of Glasgay!, we hosted our 2nd Annual FIERCE RULING DIVAS BALL which saw drag legend JONNY WOO act as a surprise guest judge, drafted in at the last minute after he came down to the club following his one-man show earlier that evening! As his first time in Glasgow, it was certainly an eye-opener we're sure!
Since the beginning of 2011, the element of performance has really gone from strength to strength, and is set to get even better in 2012!