Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hello Auntie Myra!

Here's a new video by the one and only Ms Myra Dubois! All the way from London tahn, Myra is a fixture on the cabaret circuit, but is now branching out in kid's entertainment - a perfect booking for Halloween, I'm sure you'll agree:

Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Niallist "Everybody Dance" Mix

A new mix for you! I haven't put together something this straight-up housey in quite a while:

LOOSE JOINTS Is It All Over My Face (Leroc Sportif v Psonic Psummer edits)
MIKE DUNN pres MR 69 PhreakyMF (Original Phreak Mix)
GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS The Way (Secret Ingredients mix)
AZARI & III Into The Night
POLY STYRENE Ghoulish (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)
C+C MUSIC FACTORY Gonna Make You Sweat (Edit)
TYREE & KOOL ROCK Turn Up The Bass
KRUSH House Arrest (This Beat Is The Law)
JORDAN PEAK Mail Road (Mirco Violi Raw Dub)
FIRST CHOICE Let No Man Put Asunder (Filthy Luka Edit)

Friday, 21 October 2011

Vogue Ball Glossary

Taken from the House of Enigma.

For the sake of fair competition, the contestants themselves are categorized as such:

Butch Queens (BQs)- gay males, regardless to which end of the masculine/ feminine scale they choose to identify with (the category specifics determine which way to lean).

Femme Queens (FQs)- males at varying stages of gender reassignment; from the time they starts taking female hormones, they are no longer BQs. When you have a biologically androgynous male, there exists the flexibility to compete in categories designated for either BQs or FQs, provided there aren't any additional prerequisites.

BQs in Drag- gay males that do drag, but have not started taking female hormones. They may have their own categories, or compete with the FQs in some instances.

Women (or Female) - biological. This division does not demand a particular sexual orientation, but does lean toward a feminine demeanor.

Butches- sometimes referred to as "male illusionists", are generally classified as masculine lesbians, but any female possessing manly appearance and mannerisms can qualify, regardless to sexual preference.

Men- denotes contestants from the "straight" pool of patrons that still attend these functions. "Male" is used in other cases where sexual preference has no bearing on a particular category's fairness, such as with "Best Dressed Male" or "Male Muscular Body".

Open To All (OTA)- does not designate gender or persuasion, but you may have to meet other requirements, such as a specific prop or costume.

For runway contestants, the tall division, regardless to gender

Banjy (adjective)
The street-savvy look; also, looking like "rough trade"

A tie breaker; a chance for the contestant to show up his opponent. (See also Vogue-cabulary)

Big Boy/Girl

A class of ball competitors, usually 250 lbs. and over; "Luscious" for the ladies

Bring (It)
A challenge; call of defiance; "Come on down, you're the next contestant..." Sometimes contestants are allowed to "call out" a rival

A masculine female, usually lesbian

Butch Queen
A gay male, ranging from "straight acting" to flamboyant

BQ in Drag
A gay male in women's clothes that is not taking hormones. Some can actually pass for women, but this is not required unless specified by the category

Clever rhymes and raps used by the emcee to liven up competition

To disqualify (as in contestant); process of elimination..."Thank you, have a nice day." Also "hi-Yah" and "pack"

Come (for)
To challenge; "Don't come for me, 'cause you don't want it..."

Obtained by illegal means- credit card or check writing scams usually; "Miss Thing, that Galliano gown was crafted..."; also Stunkus

Ultra feminine; also, interchangeable with "ovah"

Designers' Delite
A category for aspiring designers and home sewers. "The garment must be made by YOU!"

A house leader (without regard to gender)

Feel (it)
To be totally absorbed in the moment

A term mainly used by gay men to describe something as outstanding, really cool, eye catching, brutal and satisfying,
good (example 1) or the way someone is dressed (example 2 and 2a). The tone of voice also matters (especially in example 2a)
Example 1
Person 1: "How was that party girl?"
Person 2: "Girl, that party was FIERCE as hell!"

Example 2
"Work! That outfit is FIERCE girl! You look good!"

Example 2a
"Hmph! No...that FIERCE, you need to take that off right now! It is so over!"
Grand March
The opening ceremonies. The hosting house's members are introduced, along with the categories they represent. Mother and Father are introduced last, for maximum effect

A title paired with a particular category winner, either currently or consistently. Examples include: label god (always "serves" this category- head to toe, and often layers), and face goddess (dare anyone defy her?)

Disqualification from competition or a category, taken from the fictitious Karate cry; also "chop" or "pack"

A social group, clique, club, posse, family, fraternity (usually gay)

A ballroom history maker; beyond the status of a Legend.

Noun: a close pal; adjective: characterized by favoritism, as in a judge that gives high scores based on friendship.

A multi- trophy winner, with a ballroom history; A veteran

(Rhymes with "give") to enjoy oneself immensely; "I lived at that last ball!"

For runway contestants, the petite or short division; anyone shorter than male/female model industry standards


Model's vs. Luscious (Body)
Two separate female or FQ categories, the later leans toward full-figured

Model's vs. Muscular (Body)
Two separate male categories, the later leans toward bodybuilding

Variation of "over", meaning "very impressive", also "cunty" or "sickening"; "legendary" on occasion

Pay (it)
To ignore and move on, as in an unfavorable judges' decision; "Pay it. We'll get her after the ball"

A runway stunt in which you remove garment layers gracefully, down to your best ensemble

That son or daughter most likely to take the lead as mother or father, should the current parents not continue their role; "Heir to the Throne"


To greatly surpass in performance. Also "destroy"

The art of insults; finding a flaw in your opponent and verbally showcasing and exaggerating it (also "Deadly Daggers"); giving someone a "piece of your mind"

Someone currently known for winning a particular category. Rulers come and go, but Legends are forever!

An undesirable person, or described as such; low rated

Acknowledge or give credit; "No shade, but I don't see it".

Shade (Throwing)
Underhanded dealings, where usually the "jokes on you"; "Judge number two threw me shade..."

Refers to something that is fabulous, over the top, insanely good, fierce, the "T", eating it, flawless, frieghtening, nervous talent, etc. All terms coveted by the GBLTQ communities describing something that is extremely pleasing.
Also refers to when you look at a person and they look so good it makes you sick, used esp. for females/drag queens/transsexual females checking out other females/drag queens/transsexual females - but meant completely as an admiration (with a slight connotation of politically acceptable jealousy).
Mrs. thing was wearing the most sickening gown I had ever seen. She was just fierce!
That bitch is SICKENING!!

To win

An up-and-coming Legend; a frequent winner that is making a name for themselves

An up-and-coming Star; not always winning, but frequently "getting [your] tens".

See Craft(ed)

Tens, Getting Your
To get a perfect score from the whole judges' panel, 10 being the highest.

Turn (it)
To make a grand show; bring the ballroom to its feet; also "work", "sell" and "serve"(all usually accompanied by "goddammit" or "bitch")

Fictional character created to represent unfavorable elements of the ball scene: excessive shade, petty bickering, etc.

First-timer, never walked (a particular category) ever.

To enter a category; "Miss Thing, you should not walk for "Face"...

Work/werk (it) [Verb]
To show people how attractive and talented you are.

Menergy ICONS pt 3

Stars of the first FIERCE RULING DIVAS BALL 2010

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Menergy ICONS pt 1

Here's a new series of pics of Menergy "ICONS", with the first set focusing on the club's core performers/djs. More of these will be coming very soon (original images by Michael James).

Sahara works "FACE"

More amazing make-up from Sahara Dolce, of the House of Dolce aka The Brown Fist of Ulster:



Seriously <3 <3 <3 <3 <3ing this clip right now! I hope this goes viral...


Turns out dis bitch is called Miles Jai and this clip is NOT a one off! You can subscribe to Miles' YouTube channel and it's highly recommended - gurl is FUNNEE:

"Some Serious Shit"

"Q&A with Miles Jai part 3"

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

We Love VVG!

Sister V was brought on board by the House this time last year for our first Fierce Ruling Divas Ball, and she's provided an enormous and worthwhile contribution to club and collective since her tenure began, helping us establish links with the more mainstream clientele, and also by offsetting Lady M's bitchy 'bad cop' with her approachable and friendly 'good cop'. She's a true diva, great emcee, and an amazing chanteuse, which really grounds the performance aspect of the club.

We don't often shout about how much we love her and her input, and I'm sure everyone is in agreement - who knows the heights we can scale if this should continue as we move into more event-oriented nights on a bi-monthly basis next year.

Our resident music-maker The Niallist has also expressed interest in dueting with her at some point soon, so that'll definitely be worth keeping an eye out for! Here's to Vanity von Glow, #1 Scottish comedian on Youtube 2010, Countess of Vulgaria and all-round pal!

Lady M and Kid Z interview on Subcity!

Plugging the ball (natch) on The Vile Arts Radio Hour. Check it out here:

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Lauren Harries and Pete Burns

Readers of a sensitive disposition should look away now.

This is how NOT to do plastic surgery.

Thanks Gregor.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Betty White's still got it!

Betty White is a freaking legend, one of the original Golden Girls, and a comedy genius! Here she is with some Gaga rip off totally STEALING the video:

We love you Betty! She's also responsible for this genius quote, currently becoming somehting of a meme on teh internetz:

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Beth Ditto "Vogue"

It's almost itme for the 2nd annual Fierce Ruling Divas Ball! To get you in the mood, here's a clip of the fabulous Beth Ditto performing Madonna's classic at a Russian nightclub. WERK IT GURL!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Awesome make-up by Zsa Zsa Noir

More great face-werk, this time on another Manc pal Bren O'Callaghan, by the most amazingest ZsaZsa Noir. This is for Bren's new character Roy Hypnol: Gentleman Mesmerist. WERK!!!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Seth gives "FACE"

Here's our pal from Manchester Seth Rodriguez werqing some AWESOME face - I hope this make up is an inspiration for all you ladies, and any children planning to walk at the Fierce Ruling Divas Ball!