Tuesday, 18 October 2011

We Love VVG!

Sister V was brought on board by the House this time last year for our first Fierce Ruling Divas Ball, and she's provided an enormous and worthwhile contribution to club and collective since her tenure began, helping us establish links with the more mainstream clientele, and also by offsetting Lady M's bitchy 'bad cop' with her approachable and friendly 'good cop'. She's a true diva, great emcee, and an amazing chanteuse, which really grounds the performance aspect of the club.

We don't often shout about how much we love her and her input, and I'm sure everyone is in agreement - who knows the heights we can scale if this should continue as we move into more event-oriented nights on a bi-monthly basis next year.

Our resident music-maker The Niallist has also expressed interest in dueting with her at some point soon, so that'll definitely be worth keeping an eye out for! Here's to Vanity von Glow, #1 Scottish comedian on Youtube 2010, Countess of Vulgaria and all-round pal!

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