Friday, 28 May 2010

Teamy: Hi-NRG Mix

Glasgow scene legend and non-stop party whore Teamy is soon to be gracing our ones and twos. He even promised to do it in drag. As a taster, here's a Hi-NRG mix he made for his club night Fun Size with with Glasgow's No. 1 (straight) disco bear David Barbarosa.

Fun Size Volume 4 Hi NRG TME by funsize

[No tracklist for this, but it does contain Patrick Cowley AND Sylvester - yum!]

Paris Is Burning

Another one of our favourite documentaries ever - "Paris is Burning". This is goddam essential viewing for anyone with any interest in underground culture, disco, dancing, clubbing, fashion, even just social anthropolgy. The story of the poor drag queens in NY who gave birth to Vogue culture, it is IMMENSE.

Horse Meat Disco 5th birthday

I was there beeatchez I was there!! It was one of the best nights out clubbing I have ever had - the atmosphere was simply electric. I must have danced on the stage for a good 2 hours - I hadn't taken any drugs but I could feel ripples of ecstacy flowing through my body. Man I LOVE this club!! :-D

Aw, ain't Jimbo adorable in this clip?!

Party Monster - the Shockumentary

This is one of our all-time favourite documentaries - the true story of Club Kid Queen Michael Alig and how she killed that "copycat" Angel. This is delightful, deranged, and genuinely creepy in equal measure - it has to be seen to be believed:

Niallist: Disco Argento Mix

More horror disco in the area, this time the Niallist's selection of disco covers of horror themes (and one really blatant Michael jackson rip-off).

Halloween II - John Carpenter
Cannibal Ferox - Fabio Frizzi
Zombi - Goblin
Amityville Frenzy - Lalo Schiffrin
Prom Night Theme - Zaza & Zitter
Phantasm - Captain Zorro
Phantasmagoria / Silver Sphere Disco - Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave
NYC Theme - Budy-Maglione
Demons (Disco Beard Edit) - Claudio Simonetti
Friday The 13th Part III - Manfredini & Zager
Lust - Rinder & Lewis
Holiday Du Zombi - The Evil Eye
Doin' It In A Haunted House - Yvonne Cage
Disco Blood - The Vamps
Soul Dracula - Hot Blood

Kid Zipper: Cannibal Italocaust Mix

The Kid works his magic with some new and old (yet true) Italo Horror sounds:

Actress- Paint Straw and Bubbles
Tobe Hooker- Haddonfield Fear Factory
Mr Pauli- The Crunch
Black Devil Disco Club- Timing, Forget The Timing
Pat Hodges- Fly By Night
Telespazio – Galileo – Rodion Mix
Goblin- Tenebre
Lory D – Bank Robbery
Bunker 2 – Dark Side of The Moon
Gique- Fulci's Rotting Children
Patrick Cowley – They Came At Night
Ajello and Daniele Baldelli – Cosmogony
The Immortals- Ultimate Warlord
Goblin- Suspira
Solenoid- Suspiriosm
Porn Darstellar- Holocaust

Menergy Anthem: “Amittyville Frenzy” by Lalo Schifrin

Horror -disco ahoy! This is the disco version of Lalo Schifrin's theme to the movie "The Amittyville Horror". As this was the first track on the soundtrack LP and did not feature in the film itself, we can only assume it was a tasteless cash-in. Kerrrr-ching!

Menergy Flyer 5

Alan Partridge On Lesbians

15 years old and still high-larious! I laughed like a great drain pal - or an anal dirge prat?

Love Is A Stranger

Annie does drag - this is just ridiculously fierce! From the awesome "Synth Britannia Live At the BBC" show which aired a few months back.

Menergy v LUYD 1 pics

Photos by Michael James

Menergy v Lock Up Your Daughters 1

Lock Up Your Daughters

Are a wicked gang of carpet-baggers who also happen to run a Gay Dance Party themselves at the sometime home of Menergy, The Flying Duck. We first met at the Glasgow School of Art's Drag Ball earlier this year, and hit if off like a bath house on fire. The run a top-notch fanzine (also called Lock Up Your Daughters) which they claim is a "QUEER ALTERNATIVE DIY MAGAZINE FOR ALL YOU HOT BITCHES." The latest edition (No.4) has just come out, and features an article about the American TV news anchor Rachel Maddows - I had always wondered if she had a dyke following, and now I know! Awesumz. Check out their website at:
And here's some footage from one of their most recent parties.

Sylvester on Joan Rivers

From the album that inspired the flyer, it's Sylvester performing "Someone Like You" live on the Joan Rivers show. Dragalicious indeed. Everything about this clip is fantastic! From Sylvester's awesome live performance (how I wish I could have seen a Sylvester live show) to his candid outing of his then boyfirend, to the fact that to Joan and the audience this is all water off a duck's back, and not something to be shocked by or sniggered at. F.I.E.R.C.E.

Menergy on Radio Magnetic

A few months ago The Niallist and Kid Zipper did a two hour radio show for Little Rock Records on Radio Magnetic, as a Menergy precursor, and excuse for general self-whoredom. The kids liked it so much they started taking their clothes off - Tiga even dropped by to have a naked oil wrestle with Kid Zipper while The Niallist and Dalai Dahmer go-go danced on either side in shiny silver thongs.

Here's the tracklists:

Niallist track list:

Patrick Cowley – Menergy (Reprise) – Megatone
Mark Du Mosch – Now Or Never – Cyberdance
Azari & III – Hungry For The Power – I’m A Cliché
Ben Butler & Mousepad – Infinite Capacity – LOAF
The Paraffins – Something Good (Ben Butler & Mouse Pad Remix Edit) – Ear Spook
Tiga – Mind Dimension – Turbo
Walter Murphy – Toccata & Funk in D Minor – Valentino Production Music
The Dark Esquire – Situation 7 Mix – Thisisnotanext
Detachments - Flowers That Fell (Gold Blood Remix) – Thisisnotanexit
A Number of Names - Sharevari (Instrumental) – Strut
Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions (Greg Wilson Remix) – Wichita
Milton Hamilton – Crystalized – Strut
6th Borough Project – Planets (The Revenge Lost Groove) – Instruments of Rapture
A Made Up Sound – Sun Touch

Kid Zipper in the mix:

Von Spar – Hybolt – Italic Records
Trus’ Me – Sweet Mother – Prime Numbers
Diskjokke – Cearadactylus – Full Pupp – Love Started to Shine
Runaway – Black Lable Honey (TBL Remix) – On The Prowl
Donna Summer – Lucky (Horsemeat Disco Edit)- HMD 02
Dorothy’s Fortress – Silencer – Destroy All Planets
NCAM – Handle This – Mystery Meat Records
Luca Belloni presents Cellophane – Music Colours Part 3 – Cellophane 1
Lisa – Rocket To Your Heart- Carrere
Le Jete – La Cage Aux Folles – Megatone Records
Combi – Tangled – Combi 05
Messalina 4 – Big Brown Eyes (Easy Lee’s DJ Edit)- Messalina

Here's where to go to listen to or download the show. Leave a comment bitchez!

Menergy flyer 4


Get jizzed bitchiz:

Xanadude + Luke Howard

Well this new night in London looks like a TONNE of fun - and similar to Menergy to boot.

Luke Howard is one of the DJs at our favourite club Horse Meat Disco, and has also been resident DJ at legendary club nights Queer Nation and the Hacienda's Flesh. Here's a slow and sensual mix he's recently put online for your aural delectation:

Baby, I Just Wanna Love You by Miss Cheesecake

Menergy Anthem: Cyber People by Void Vision

Italo doesn't get more beautiful than this:

Niallist: Menergy Flip Mix

This is the Niallist's first dedicated mix for Menergy - half mixed on Ableton and half mixed on record. Can you tell which half is which?

THE NIALLIST "Menergy Mix" 92Mb / 67 mins

Patrick Cowley & Sylvester - Menergy
Earlene Bentley - The Boys Come To Town (Disco Beard Edit)
Starflight - Dance To The Beat
Azari & III - Hungry For The Power
The Human League - Gold (Bicep Edit)
In Flagranti - Brash 'n' Vulgar (Disco 3000 Edit)
Soft Rocks - The Devil Made Us Do It
Walter Murphy - Tocata & Funk in D Minor
Azul Y Negro - The Night
Den Haan - Night Shift
Patrick Hernandez - Born To Be Alive
Boystown Gang - Disco Kicks
The Ring - Savage Lover
Ronnie Dyson - All Over Your Face (Disco Plumber Edit)
Taylor Dane - Tell It To My Heart (Percapella)
Pet Shop Boys - Heart (Disco Mix)

Les Garcons De Glasgow

No it's not some seedy rent service, Les Garcons De Glasgow are a group of photo-bloggers dedicated to capturing the best styles to be found on the streets of, um, Glasgow. See, it's not all starched white Kappa and ill fitting ironic granny jumpers in this town. Go and have a look at their site for further proof:

Menergy 3 pics

Photos by Les Garcons De Glasgow

Menergy Flyer 3

A tribute to Butt Magazine this time, featuring our favourite butt-boy Patrick Cowley.

The Divine David - Tour Of London

Den Haan - To Russia With Love mix

Glasgow based Italo love-machines Den Haan are one of our favourite bands. If you haven't heard their super-slick disco anthems then get yourself over to their soundcloud page. "Night Shift" is already a Menergy anthem. They're great DJs too - here's a wicked mix they've made:

Den Haan - To Russia With Love DJ Disco Mix

01. Johnny Mathis - Gone Gone Gone
02. Poussez - Come and Do It
03. Nytro - Return To Nytropolis
04. Captain Sky - Super Sporm
05. Azoto - Soft Emotion
06. Harlow - Take Off (Satisfaction Guaranteed)
07. Ladies Choice - American Man
08. L'Ectrique - Struck By Boogie Lightening
09. Wild Fantasy - Africa
10. Harry Thumann - Sphinx
11. Rhetta Hughes - Angel Man (Black Shag Edit)
12. Glitter Band - Makes You Blind
13. Rockets - Future Game
14. Stratospheric Band - Cosmic Show
15. Zebras - Paradise Garage

Menergy Anthem: Night Shift by Den Haan

This was Den Haan's first single, on the sadly missed Dissident record label. According to Gardi from the band, it's about being a lady of the night. In other words, a whore.

Kid Zipper: Power Top / Vocal Bottom mixes

Et voila - Menergy resident Kid Zipper shows you how it's done. With not one but TWO saucily named mixes. Take your pick, or if you're feeling versatile why not take both?

KID ZIPPER Power Top Mix

1.By The Riverside – Appleblim and Komonazmuk Remix
2.HarmoniaModerat – Rusty Nails- Shackleton Remix
1.Stereo Image – Dark Chapter
2.Caribou- Niobe
3.Magnus International – Mandass Morran Blus
4.Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood -Summer Wine- Accidental Instrumental
5.Fleetwood Mac - Big Brown Eyes – Easy Lee DJ Edit
6.Efedmin – Acid Bell- Martyns Bittersweet Remix
7.Burial and Four Tet – Wolf Cub
8.Arthur Russell – Keep Up
9.The Teardrop Explodes – Tiny Children
10.Goblin – Suspiria
11.Tunng – The Pioneers
12.Golden Panda – Back Home

KID ZIPPER Vocal Bottom Mix

1.Magnus International – Undulat
2.Cellophane Edit – Misalluba
.Dorothy's Fortress- Coupe De Ville
4.My Mine- Hypnotic Tango
5.Runaway- Black Lable Honey – TBD Remix
6.Invincible Scum – Rise of Invincible Scum
7.Motor City Drum Ensemble- Breath Control
8.Azoto- Exalt
9.Donna Summer – Lucky Me- Horsemeat Disco Edit
10.Lindstrom and Prins Thomas- Tirsdagasjam
11.Goblin- Tenebre- SSUK Edit
12.Depeche Mode- New Life
13.Mr Pauli- Le Crunch
14.Magnus International- Kosmetik
15.Alden Tyrell- What Your Eyes Can Do
16.Elton John – Funeral For A Friend

Menergy Flyer 2

Niallist: Super Macho / Skool Of Rock mixes

Representing some of the old-school gay disco flavour, here's two mixes from the Niallist from a few years back.

"Super Macho" is a mix of Italo, electro-disco & Hi-NRG, mostly from 1983-1987

FLEXI COWBOYS Domination Instrumental
AVALANCHE Travelling (Space)
X-RAY CONNECTION Replay (Space Mix)
PET SHOP BOYS It’s A Sin (Disco Mix)
X-RAY CONNECTION Replay (Special Freak Mix)
TAFFY I Love My Radio (USA Mix 86)
SUZY Can’t Live Without Your Love (Double Dub Mix)
MAN TWO MAN Who Knows What Evil (Nightmare Dub Mix)
LIME Angel Eyes
CAMARO’S GANG Ali’s Shuffle
ALISHA Beat All Night
FANCY Play Me The Bolero (Dub)
RONI GRIFFITHS That’s Rock’n’Roll

"Skool of Rock" is non-stop pump-your-fist disco rock monsters:

ELO Don't Bring Me Down (Disco Beard Edit)
THE ROCKETS On The Road Again
CHILLY For Your Love
KISS I Was Made For Lovin' You
TANTRA Hills Of Katmandu (Patrick Cowley Remix)
ZZ TOP Legs - Metal Mix
MACHO Not Tonight (Dimitri From Paris Edit)
SKATT BROS Walk The Night
QUEEN Another One Bites The Dust
WINGS Say Goodnight Tonight (Disco Beard Edit)

Brenda Dickson "My Verjeen"

We LOVE Brenda Dickson!! She's fucking insane!! So mad she's taken down all copies of hilariously bad "Welcome To My Home" video from Youtube. But still, fair use says she couldn't touch those pesky parodies. Fnar...

Menergy Launch Night!

Photos by Michael James

So, who is this hottie?!^

Menergy Flyer 1

Flyer by Gregor @ Mutated Design

Menergy Anthem: Menergy by Patrick Cowley

There are a few different versions of "Menergy" by Patrick Cowley - some featuring Sylvester on vocals, some which feature female vocals like this one:

And here it is to listen to / download on the blog of our friends Feel My Bicep:

Welcome to Menergy!

Menergy is a state of mind.

Menergy is a classic Hi-NRG record by Patrick Cowley.

Menergy is a Gay Dance Party based in Glasgow, hosted by drag queen Lady Munter, with resident DJs Kid Zipper (Valley Of The Dolls) and The Niallist (Radius Records/Dissident/Little Rock).

Menergy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form.