Friday, 28 May 2010

Den Haan - To Russia With Love mix

Glasgow based Italo love-machines Den Haan are one of our favourite bands. If you haven't heard their super-slick disco anthems then get yourself over to their soundcloud page. "Night Shift" is already a Menergy anthem. They're great DJs too - here's a wicked mix they've made:

Den Haan - To Russia With Love DJ Disco Mix

01. Johnny Mathis - Gone Gone Gone
02. Poussez - Come and Do It
03. Nytro - Return To Nytropolis
04. Captain Sky - Super Sporm
05. Azoto - Soft Emotion
06. Harlow - Take Off (Satisfaction Guaranteed)
07. Ladies Choice - American Man
08. L'Ectrique - Struck By Boogie Lightening
09. Wild Fantasy - Africa
10. Harry Thumann - Sphinx
11. Rhetta Hughes - Angel Man (Black Shag Edit)
12. Glitter Band - Makes You Blind
13. Rockets - Future Game
14. Stratospheric Band - Cosmic Show
15. Zebras - Paradise Garage

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