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It goes without saying that Jon Pleasd Wimmin is one of our favourite DJs, after rocking the floors at both last year's HyperPride and our Fierce Ruling Divas Ball. But many people might not know that apart form being a great DJ Jon is also a very talented artist. We tracked him down to ask some questions about his work:

When did you start making these pictures?

I started them for fun about 18 months ago and had such a great response from posting them on Facebook that it kind of evolved very naturally, people seem to love them.

I've made collages since I was about 15 and have always had them around my home. I collect images/memorabilia from my life and then create them when I have enough material, I like to think of them as living scrapbooks/photo albums. It's much better than having a closed box or book hidden away. Life is an adventure and it's good to remind yourself of these adventures.

How do you select people for your portraits?

I choose people who I admire and who are (to me at least) iconic.

Who have been the major influences on your style?

Well, when I left school in 1985 I studied Fashion design in London for 3 years and that helped shape my love of 'styling' and obviously there's a debt to Warhol but I would say that 'Pop Cutlure' in general. There is definitely a theme of transformation to them, which has always played a huge part in my life. Whether it be through doing drag or remixing a piece of music. I have always been obsessed (in a healthy way) with's a shame that very few people these days seem to have much of one.

Are they for sale?

Yes, you can order them from the website and I do commissions too. Greetings cards are going to be up on the site within the next few weeks also.

Who is your favourite artist?

I like lots of different artists...Cindy Sherman, Val Denham, Richard Wathen, Jeff Koons, Gilbert & George, Guggi and Warhol of course, to name a few.

Which is your favourite portrait you have done so far?

I think it's a tie between Liberace & Twiggy at the moment.

Tell us a bit about Dare - what can the causal punter expect to hear there?

Well, I try to make sure that the music involves interesting new electronic dance tracks and that it sits alongside tracks from the past that have inspired them. So many of today's clubs and 'dj's' just play a long list of upfront faceless tracks that I like to try and show the lineage of where the music that I personally love has come from, where it's at and where it's going next. The main key is to keep it interesting whilst keeping it accessible and fun. Not too up it's own arse.Also, the Speakeasy where we hold the night is a great, intimate space with an area for relaxing and socialising and a dancefloor for dancing. We wanted to make sure it was a sociable night where like-minded people could meet.

Have you been DJing anywhere else recently?

Yes, we do Dare! quarterly in London at East Bloc (Next date July 16th).
I've got gigs at Yello in Belfast, Windsor, Portsmouth and more in London coming up soon.

How is clubbing in Edinburgh at the moment?

I wouldn't really know to be honest.
I decided to run Dare! as there was a distinct lack of 'mixed' nights in the city and wanted somehwere for my friends and I to be able to go, hear the type of music we love and have fun.
I wouldn't say we were competing against anyone as there really is nobody else doing the same sort of thing.

What are your top 5 Hi-NRG records of all time?

1. Hypnotic Tango - My Mine
2. Koto -Visitors
3. The Flirts - Passion
4. Sisley Ferre - Give Me Your Love
5. Joanne Daniels - After the Rainbow.

You can also find PopArtTart and Dare on Facebook.

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