Monday, 18 July 2011

MENERGY ANTHEM Cherie Lily "Werk"

Meet Cherie Lily, the fantabulous faux-queen-meets-dance-instructor wife of modern rock icon Andrew WK. Oh yes, we love this gurl here at Menergy! Her latest single "WERK" is quickly becoming anthem and it's not hard to hear why - it's a modern call to arms for dancers and drag queens to VOGUE THE FUCK OUT!

"Icon" "Give Me Face" "It's Ovah" "Tens Across The Board" OH YES.

Cherie has put together a video featuring lots of voguing routines and some future legend and nightworld faces from New York City. Check it out and GET YR WERK ON QUEENS:

We've got an exclusive interview with Ms Lily in the pipeline, but for more info check out her website, and you can buy "Werk" and its remixes here.

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