Sunday, 17 July 2011

BOBBY O Returns!

That's right, the producer of some of our most favouritest Hi-NRG tracks ("I'm So Hot For You", The Flirts "Passion", the original "West End Girls", all the best bits of Divine music career) is back in the music production game. Bobby O's second only to Patrick Cowley in terms of legendary electronic disco producers of the 80s, and over the last few months has been uploading new material to YouTube from his 2011 album "Social Contract Theory". The basic principles of his prouction remain, only the sounds are bang up to date and the beats are harder. Here's a selection of tracks (which can be bought individually, or on the album, through CDBaby) - what do we think?

WARNING! This video contains lots of flashing colours and lights - like LOTS:

That's just a sampler - here's some more individual tracks. To hear even more, visit the YouTube channel of MassiveDance2010.

"When The Right One Comes Along"

"Temporary Lives"

"Identity Energy"

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