Friday, 15 July 2011

CARRION - Controversial & Cultural Highlight of the Week!

Our resident graphic designer Gregor Laird's new joint exhibition with friend Sarah Green, CARRION, certainly is proving to be very newsworthy since it opened last week! One old dear walked out, offended by the imagery of his work, which features crucified chimps, zombie Michael Jacksons and other such deliciousness!

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However, her timid viewpoint doesn't reflect that of the popular press, as Scotland on Sunday named the exhibition - on at the Axolotl Gallery, Dundas Street, Edinburgh until 1st Aug - as one of the cultural highlights of the week! Click here to see. We here at the Haus of M strongly urge you all to make the effort to go see it before it finishes, as we're sure it'll leave an impression on you, one way or another.

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