Saturday, 18 June 2011

Saltylips "If Ur A Bear (Niallist Mixx4Nick)"

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This is post on a new remix I have finished, and the story behind it. Sadly, last month saw the passing of the legendary Manchester gay scene character Nick "El Beardo" Elliot. I didn't know Nick for a very long time, but I found him to be super-friendly and a genuinely nice guy. He came to Joe and I's screening of "Paris Is Burning" and we bonded over a love of the film and vogue culture.

Nick was the dancer for the band Saltylips, who had asked me to remix one of their tracks ages ago. I had heard "If Ur A Bear (Put Ur Hands Up In The Air)" and liked it, but it was the passing of Nick that made me pull my finger out and get the remix done. I have had to put a bunch of other work to the side to get this finished, but I think it has been worth it. It's a bit housey, it's a bit garagey, a bit booty and ever so slightly voguey. I am happy with it. My intention was to make something that Nick would have danced to, and Saltylips have thankfully informed me that this is the case.

SALTYLIPS If Ur A Bear (Niallist Mixx4Nick) by theniallist

You can download the wav file of the track here:

This link is only going to last for 7 days, so if you want it, download it now.

Even though it is months away yet (next January, Joe and I have decided), at the next Vogue Brawl we will be introducing a special "beard" category so people with facial hair can compete against each other. The category will be named in memory of Nick El Beardo, and seems a fitting tribute to a man who is much loved and missed.

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