Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Manchester Mincers Parade 2011

Joyce D'Vision leads the mincers to Piccadilly Station.

Inspired by the recent "Slut Walk" movement, and the disappearance of the legendary Manchester character "The Market Street Mincer", last Friday a group of folk led by Manchester's first ladies of drag the Blige sisters came together in the heart of the Gay Village to hold the first ever "Mass Mince", reclaiming Canal St from the squares and hen parties and putting a dainty spring back into gay people's step. Held in conjunction with the promoters of the queer-alt-pop night Bollox, it were a right laff, as these videos will demonstrate:

Here are some more photos, taken by Benjamin Paynter, and featuring the fabulous Sheela and Isla Blige!

So what is "mincing"? For the ebenfit of those who don't know, mincing is to walk like a lady when one is in fact a man. Which ANY man hsould be able to do without fear of harassment. ME htinks Glasgow needs one of these mincing parades too. Here's local reporter Kate Hughes with more on mincing:

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