Thursday, 9 June 2011

Bad Taste Barbies "Working Up A Sweat (Niallist PumpMixx)"

Bad Taste Barbies are a hi-nrg, uber-trashy, disco-rock gang-bang hailing from the depraved back alleys of "the San Francisco of the North", Manchester. Led by the twisted brain of Kurt Dirt (above) they take inspiration from Divine, Rob Zombie, Madonna, My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult, Sylvester, the Cramps, Marilyn Manson and the Divine David, and they have been tearing it up something rotten on the live scene. I had the unlucky job of going on after them at last Halloween's Zombie Pride, something I never want to do again as my one man show is no match for their moobs-out, gymnatic, in-yer-face. audience cavorting! Their nrg level is so hi you'd think they live on a mixture of crack and viagra.

Thankfully BTBs liked my style enough that they asked me to do a remix, which I gladly accepted. The track "Working Up A Sweat" was fast enough already, but I upped it by about 20bpm, bolted on some cheesy 80s synths, some cowbells (of course) and channeled the power of Madonna's "Burning Up" for a sordid trip to a cruisy new-wave gymnazium:

BAD TASTE BARBIES Working Up A Sweat (Niallist PumpMixx) by theniallist

And get this - Angie Bowie liked the track so much that she retweeted it!! Wow, that means in the Kevin Bacon game I am now only 4 steps away from the God of Glam, king gender bender himself, David Bowie!!

For more Bad Taste Barbie action, check out their Myspace.
All together now - Seig Heil, Jeremy Kyle!

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