Sunday, 19 June 2011

Exclusive! PIERRE PASCUAL Interview

You may remember a few months ago I came second in a remix competition for the French artist Pierre Pascual. Well, I have been a fan of Pierre's work for a while, and with the release of his new EP "Spanish Summer Sex Party" I decided to send him some questions for Menergy:

Who is Pierre Pascual?

A long time ago I stopped asking myself that, it helps me to be free. Sometimes I’m producing music for myself or other artists, videos, participating in exhibitions, doing shows, writing, etc. Most of my work is related to music, first for my first musical project Chose Chaton and now, under my real name.

What made you want to make music?

Music has been a very important part of my life since i was teenager, a way of escaping from a world I did not understand very well and, as I was very shy, music & writing were my only ways to express myself and share intimate things. After that, I studied cinéma & dramatic art, but i always wrote songs and finally it became my full time job after years. That is still a way i love to share things, and that is also for me a great way to mix different media I work on like video, sound design, production, acting…

Who are your main musical influences?

A lot of things! Crystal Castles is the band i really love to listen all the time, I admire their musical approach, the mix/production, the energy. I also love The Knife, Robyn, PlanningToRock, Roisin Murphy… Pop with an experimental approach. Experimental artists like Meredith Monk… Some of Kate Bush's albums are also some of my all time faves, and I also love eurodance/italo disco/hi energy/retrohouse and new beat from the 80’s and 90’s.

You just directed your first video - how was it?

Really great. It was decided one week before the shoot. I met a girl, Olga who had that empty three level parking lot, and I said to her, let’s do a video here. I had that spanish cover "Mi Novio es un Zombi" coming out and it was the perfect place… I wanted something very fresh and instinctive, just a reunion of people from the underground… That is the first time I have worked as a director, even if I am always very involved in each video with the artistic direction. I really want to thank Julie Reumont who helps me filming all that, Nicolas Olivier for the lights and everyone in it. I like what we have done, it is very close to what I am actually.

Lady Gaga or Beyonce?

Sorry, i don’t wear perfume.

No, to be honest, i like some of Lady Gaga stuff, even if i think she could
sometimes try some radical, different things. I feel close to people who can do things with a certain sense of humour

Paris is the city of love - do you think this is true?

Two days ago, the parliament rejected a law proposed by the opposition to
allow gay people to marry in France. That is very sad cause France has become
a very conservative country, very late in all social changements… The French
government is homophobic, a lot of people are saying it, more and more…so
the city of love only for some people, sadly. I want to be more involved in
fighting for equality and visibility in France, i try each day to do what i can.

How is the gay scene in Paris?

Quiet. But thanx to internet, there are new gay/queer bands emerging and
i hope soon we all have more visibility and places/clubs/parties to show our
work. That is sadly kind of difficult in Paris if you compare it with some other
cities like Berlin, Madrid, London…

Who are your main style/fashion influences?

The street, garbage, rebels & old English ladies. And all my stylist friends
who are very talented.

Are you coming to the UK any time soon?

I’d love to come soon! I had a show in London in 2008 at the Arches for the
Act Art Festival. Great memories, i really love UK and British people, they are
so créative and free …

You can buy the "Spanish Summer Sex Party" EP here. For more info, visit: And you can find Pierre on Facebook.

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