Thursday, 26 May 2011

Countdown to the LAST VIC PARTY #2 - Controversy!

Following on the high heels of last month's web-storm around Niall's article on Dangerous Minds, it would seem that Lady Munter herself is no surprise to her fair share of controversy (surprise!).

After giving her opinion on Twitter about a documentary and interviews of former child antique dealer/cherubic boy James Harries (who became transsexual Lauren Harries), she hunted Lady M down on Twitter to have a go! :-D

If you are vain enough to Google yourself daily then you'd better be prepared for what comes up. And perhaps by actually listening to the reasons that people dislike you Lauren, you could learn from them as opposed to doing nothing for your reputation by doing things like this, eh?

Anyway, if you want a laugh and an insight into the strange world of Lauren Harries, watch below. It's like an episode of The League of Gentlemen, no joke.

Check out this great MSN video: Little Lady Fauntleroy , Series 01, Episode 01

Also worth checking is this GREAT interview with her conducted by the legendary David Hoyle. It gets hairy.

Also, for anyone with any doubt that MENERGY is the ONLY place to be this Saturday, then you'll be interested to know that The List have earmarked us as one of the hitlisted events of the month! You KNOW you'll regret missing it.


Niall says:

David Hoyle (aka The Divine David) is one of our all time heroes here at Menergy. This confrontation between him and Harries (and the Keith Allen Little Lady Fauntelroy film linked above that) should tell you everything you need to know about why we dislike Lauren.

Lauren Harries is not fit to be a spokesperson or a representative of ANYONE except herself. Who elected her to speak on behalf of trans-PEOPLE (yes PEOPLE)? She's self-serving, desperate, arrogant and ignorant. Just watch this clip - if you were a member of the trans-community would you really want her speaking on your behalf?

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