Monday, 16 May 2011

Countdown to the LAST VIC PARTY #12 Primitive Walk Mix from Den Haan

Another new mix, only this one ain't so new. It's an old vinyl only mix by May's live guests DEN HAAN, and as I think you'll agree, it's pretty awesome:

Patrick Cowley - Primitive World
Skatt Bros - Walk The Night
Bb Band - All Night Long
Jago - I'M Going To Go
Koto - Visitors (Alien Version)
Kano - Another Life (Instumental)
College Club - College
Amin Peck - Suicidal
Doctor's Cat - Feel The Drive
Bizzy & Co. - Take A Chance
Moonbase - Waiting For A Train
Bob Salton - Starknight
Patrick Cowley - Goin' Home
Paul Parker - Right On Target
Free Enterprise - Make It On My Own
Sylvester - Do Ya Wanna Funk
Bb Band - That Special Magic
Plutton & The Humanoids - World Invaders
Cori Josias - Taking It Straight
Patrick Cowley - Give A Little
Prince - Contro (Wish We Edit)
Tantra - The Hills Of Katmandu
Gino Soccio - Remember
David Zed - Iam A Robot
Karen Finley - Ass Man
Gazuzu - Go Gorilla

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