Thursday, 24 March 2011

Lady Munter's Fierce Focus - March

In this new segment, I'll be reflecting on the my current makeup, glamour, high-fashion and general all-round fierceness swoons for that month. This month, I'm in love with my perpetual favourite makeup brand for your alter-ego, ILLAMASQUA and their new S/S Toxic Nature collection.
Here's what they say about the collection:

"In retaliation against the genetically modified society that plunders it, the landscape has issued forth a torrent of hybrid shades. Corrupted hues glister amongst muted tones - extreme, intoxicating versions of their original selves.

This is an atomic-botanical environment where survival is key and camoflague by colour is the path to existence.

We scoured the abandoned toxic wastelands of the world to create an eclectic selection of corrupted hues for the eyes, lips, nails, face and body. Flitting effortlessly from poisonous pastel to hazardous neon, this cataclysmic mix of brave new tones take your look to the outer limits of nature's palette.

Become a herald of the new age of Toxic Nature with uncharted night-time make-up."

As you can see from the imagery, they've went all-out with this campaign, with very manga-inspired imagery like nothing the market has seen before. This wild collection, just like all previous ones of theirs, is causing a storm in the blogosphere and rabid fandom for this cult beauty brand doesn't look like it'll run out of steam any time soon. And neither should it. :-)

In other news, I'm absolutely loving Gaga's Plato's Atlantis-inspired prosthetic makeup in the 'Born This Way' video, promo material and the new i-D cover shoot. Check this muthafuckaaa!

Crazy cheekbones and forehead horns a-go-go! Don't be surprised if my look at Saturday's MENERGY draws inspiration from this! ;-)

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