Friday, 25 March 2011

Interview with ZsaZsa Noir

ZSA ZSA NOIR is our live musical guest at tomorrow night's MENERGY. She also happens to be one of the hottest gender benders from the San Francisco of the south, Manchester. We sent her a few questions to get her lips around:

Who is Zsa Zsa Noir?

Zsa Zsa Noir is the seven foot tall, sorded incarnation of all my subversive kinks in musical, gender queer form.

When did you start performing? And why did you start?

I started performing when I realised I wanted to be a mermaid at the age of six. I've never looked back except now I can hold the attention of a whole crowd of freaks and scream obscene lyrics over polished electronic disco filth. I'm compelled.

You produce all your own tracks, so who/what are your main musical influences?

I loved Uffie and double rate Peaches. My voice was created from a love vibration emitted by David Bowie, Tina Turner and Marilyn Monroe. I have tonnes of influences but Miss Noir is an original.

And you style yourself too, talented girl, who are your fashion/design icons?

Shit loads.

What is the gay scene like in Manchester? How does it compare to other cities?

People sometimes see me as a 'gay' act. 'Queer' is correct and 'Queer Happenings' by and large exist outside of Manchester's gay scene for me. I'm part of the Queer Scene. Sorry that didn't answer your question.. You should ask someone who shops on the high street.

Bonus question! Asked by Midnight Growler: What does an octopus' arse taste like?

Octopus arse.. It fucking stinks beyond the capabilities of my vocabulary but tastes a delicate balance of salt and fish. Rather nice even when raw.

Here's a taste of what will be on offer tomorrow night - ZsaZsa's current single "Hey Lean Diggy Doggy" (available to buy from iTunes)

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