Sunday, 20 March 2011

Dirty Minds - A Tribute To Prince (Manchester)

Growler & Niallist are doing their own special tribute night in Manchester at the end of this week - not to Bowie but to PRINCE, the only other performer who could match Bowie step by step for classic tunes, outrageous performance and androgenous sexuality! There's a stellar line up of Manc queens involved, including Kurt Dirt as "MINCE"! Growler as "SHEENA BEASTON"! The Niallist as "MORRIS GAY"! Sheela Blige as "SHEELA E BLIGE"! And presenting the live debut of all star drag queen girl group "TRANITY 6"! Myte Bubbles will supply a non stop 5 hour Prince (and Prince related) soundtrack. This is gonna be a blast, so if you are in Manchester on Friday do drop by the Purple Pussycat. To get you in the mood, here's Apollonia 6 with "Sex Shooter":

Apollonia 6 - Sex shooter BO Purple Rain1984... by ZapMan69

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