Saturday, 9 April 2011

New LGBT Mental Health Campaign

One of our regular queens approached me and told me of a campaign that they're currently working on and feel passionately about - namely the new campaign of the National Union of Students, There's More to My Education, which is focused on LGBT mental health. This is also something we here at the HOUSE OF MENERGY feel strongly about, so we thought we'd share it with y'all.

Evidence shows that experiences of isolation, homophobia and general oppression are all too common for LGBT people. This not only contributes to higher incidences of mental ill health among this group, it also shapes their experience of accessing mental health services. It is clear that the stigma attached to both mental ill health and LGBT people must be seriously challenged in order to ensure they are able to access these services without fear of being persecuted because of your sexuality.
I feel strongly that more must be done to improve the mental health experience of LGBT people and that creating positive mental health across all groups of people should be a priority.

We ask you to pledge to support LGBT people and improve their experience of mental health services. By pledging your support you are making a much needed statement that mental health in university and college campuses, our health services and our communities in general should be free from discrimination and fully accessible to all.

And on that note, some wise words from JIZ.


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