Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Countdown to MENERGY @ The Vic Bar Part 5: Download Sam Sparro's "Pink Cloud" EP for free

Critical reaction to Sam Sparro's recent single has been mixed, but I like it. In fact, fuck it, I think he's a great artist. "Black and Gold" is awesome modern synth-pop, and his new direction positively SCREAMS bitch house! He even has some voguing in the Pink Cloud video:

Sam is offering up the Pink Cloud EP for free to his fans if you subscribe to the mailing list (icon thingy below - just click on it). It's worth it, cos not only do you get the gorgeous retro 90's house track above, but you get three remixes AND THIS BELTER:

This is very near the top of my DJ charts right now - an excellent mix of retro house and modern dubby beats. Sweet! Get clickin...

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