Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Kid Zipper 2010; A Reflection.

2010 was a bit of a mixed bag of things to say the least. Optimo and RPZ as weekly events will be sorely missed and every promoter I speak to in Glasgow says that club attendance is down right across the board. Menergy had its ups and downs too but we have (fiercely) weathered the storm and finished our year in disco with The Fierce Ruling Divas Ball at Che Camille which was probably my proudest moment in my wee short DJing life. Rather than do my top 10 tunes of the year, I thought it better to widen my enquiries to the music that has crossed my path in 2010 as it happened. These tunes are in no particular order and cover the sort of music that isn’t often aired at Menergy. Links are provided if you fancy a bit of youtubage.

Oni Ayhun "OAR03B"

You may know Mr Ayhun as Olaffaetheknife and although he is on his own, the outfits are certainly no less special. Seeing a ghost white chap with a Ramones wig and a shoulder padded PVC jump suit bop around was a nice change to the usual t-shirts and jeans techno stylings that you normally get. I was lucky enough to catch his live show in Berlin and Glasgow this year and was blown away twice.

Emeralds "Candy Shoppe"

Taken from the amazing Does It Look Like I’m Here? album on Editions Mego, I have become annoyingly evangelical about this record to anyone that will listen. Candy Shoppe is probably my favourite moment on the album; lush, melodic and enveloping. Responsible for some of my messier moments in the last twelve months, especially in the summertime.

Oneohtrix Point Never "Returnal"

Another one for those elusive eyes rolling back on the couch moments. From the album of the same name which was a late entrant for this 2010 retrospective as I didn’t hear it in its full glory until Hogmanay. Not sure what the guys is on about but I’m sure its very cosmic.

Actress "Maze"

B side to the amazing and strange, Paint Straw and Bubbles single, I used this tune on a promotional mix for Menergy’s Italo Horror Party back in May. Between technical problems and scary Paisley burdz, the less said about that party the better! Menergy, bringing horror to the dancin’ since 2009.

Fever Ray "Triangle Walks (Rex the Dog Remix)"

I’ve been hammering this at Menergy since the start. Like her brother, Ms Dreijer is supa-fierce and likes a good costume. My best memory of playing this was the first time we guested at Lock Up Your Daughters. It has been amazing to work with the ladies what munch this year and the first Menergy v LUYD party was a riot. I remember Triangle Walks drawing even some of the more sceptical lesbian fidget-heads in from the edges of the floor. Follow the youtube link to experience chewing on the
bannister for yourself.

Ferenc "Yes Sir I Can Hardcore (Michael Mayer Remix)"

There isn’t much to say about Optimo that hasn’t already been written this year. What I will say is I’m unlikely to queue for 5 hours to get into a club ever again. It was however, very worth it. This was my favourite tune of the evening.

Magnus International "Kosmetisk"

I had lots of love for Full Pupp records in 2010 and this tune in particular which went down very well at our Hyperpride party in July. I’d like to think we put on a better show than the three members of 5ive that turned up for the actual pride party in George Square. Nein danke.

Leonnore O’Malley "First Be A Woman"

We owe a lot to Horsemeat Disco, dedicated as they are to the industry of human happiness. They did not disappoint in this regard at Melting Pot this year and this was my highlight. TAPS AFF.

Diana Ross "Love Hangover"

The Fierce Ruling Divas ball was, like, the Best Fun Ever. Its anarchic climax was captured by Style Scanner on the below linked video. The tune played at this point was not in fact a slightly rubbish New Order song but the epic Love Hangover which I am at pains to point out.

Jus Ed feat June April "No Pain"

If I had to choose, this would probably be my tune of 2010. I have went back to this over and over and I think its message is simple and apt, especially if your 2010 was a bit on the shitty side. Jus Ed was kind enough to record this footage of his gig from the Subby this year where I heard No Pain for the first time and it was purty magic.

Well, that was that. Lots of Menergy happenings coming your way in 2011. We’ll be in touch.

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