Saturday, 25 September 2010

Illamasqua & The Art of Darkness

As many of you will know, my favourite makeup brand is Illamasqua, for its extremely pigmented products and rock & roll attitude and aesthetic. 'Makeup for your alter ego', regardless of sex, gender or sexuality. Their latest collection for A/W, 'Art of Darkness', really gets that across with a collection of 13 very different characters - including a gypsy queen, a wolf-man and an androgyne.

Today their International Makeup Artist, Mika, was in town.

He was good enough to translate the 'Wanton Woman' look onto my glorious countenance, with stunning results.

If you dare to be different, Illamasqua is simply a must!

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  1. awesome!! you look quite dykey - in a good way - a bit like Annie Lennox


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