Monday, 4 October 2010

HOT MESS this Friday!

Well, it looks like the tidal wave of Gay Dance Parties is spreading throughout the land like a virus. Next city to succumb is our neighbour Edinburgh.

This Friday sees the launch of a new night at the Wee Red Bar, called "Hot Mess" hosted by our friend Simonotron (Club For Heroes/Devil Disco Club). When asked for the inspiration behind the night, Simon had this to say:

"For a long time, gay clubs seem to have become confused by the playground definition of 'gay' and consequently put on club nights that are lame and a bit rubbish, like fake Adidas trainers from Poundstretchers. Thankfully a few club nights like HMD, Menergy and LUYD are turning things around by putting on gay parties where top-quality DJing and a sense of irreverent fun go together to create something wonderful."

Name dropping us? Thank you Darling! The soundtrack to Hot Mess will be a mix up of disco, house, Hi-NRG, Italo and acid, while we are also promised that:
"The sounds will be accompanied by the HOT MESS non-stop video show, featuring x-rated space-cadets, bulging y-fronts, day-glo leotards and more moustaches than you’ve ever dreamed of. With all this going on you can expect lot...s of big smiles and plenty of hands in the air (maybe a few down your pants, too)."

Sounds like a great party to us! So if you are in Edinburgh get down tonight, and if you want more info check the Facebook event page.

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